The Colossus Crawls West

The acquisition of knowledge is not progression from point A to point B. There in fact, is no point B. The Colossus crawls ever westward, overlapping its own footprints, making new impressions in the Earth.

The Colossus Crawls West


It’s too late now she’s got me dreaming

Without you there is no truth according to me

Inside and around me tears got me drinking

Without you there is no scope in the morning for me

One of these days in the night

Old enemies will come back to fight

And since you would then disagree

We will be skinned alive

When full colored kings arrive

And teach then we will all we know

Bring popcorn for Geronimo

And dance with our freshly made friends

Ignoring the old ones, the boring and cold ones

And when the colossus crawls west

Jazz bastards will fall and confess

We all love you so and

Your rock is paradise plastic

It’s cheap and fantastic

Guided By Voices

The Colossus Crawls West

Mag Earwhig! (1997)


One comment on “The Colossus Crawls West

  1. Andrea Kaston Tange
    January 24, 2013

    What a great inspiration for your blog title. This phrase reminds me of the Yeats poem, “The Second Coming”, though I love thinking about how the lyrics here update this notion of the necessary rebirth in the face of the modern world.

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